How Our Flat Fee Listing Works

How Our Flat Fee Listing Works

A Step-by-Step Breakdown of How it All Works…

1. Click on the tab: Flat Fee Listing under the Sellers tab
2. You submit your name, email, phone number and property address.
3. Our office will call you within the next 4 business hours.
4. Once we have had a quick phone discussion, two emails come your way:
     A) The Listing Paperwork to be signed digitally
     B) A Link to Pay for the Service
5. Once the listing paperwork is signed and the service is paid for, you will then receive a link to enter in your home info. This must be completed as soon as possible.
6. Once your home info is submitted and pictures are uploaded, we will have your listing live on the MLS as soon as possible.
7. Once live, you will start fielding phone calls, emails, showing requests and hopefully offers (ProTip: you should require recent pre-approval letters from buyers with offers).
8. When you come to terms with a buyer, you’ll then send your executed paperwork to the title company that will be used for the transaction.
9. You’ll also send us any executed paperwork (due within 2 days of execution). Your listing status then turns to PNC (Pending Contract) in the MLS.

10. The deposit is typically due at the title company within a few days (or whatever is agreed upon in the contract). When the title company emails you a receipt of the deposit, please forward it to us.
11. You’ll then go through the process of the buyer securing financing, the appraisal, their inspections, potential additional negotiations from the inspection reports, etc.
12. Please be sure to send us any and all additional addendums or disclosures that are executed throughout the process.

13. The closing will happen on your home and you’ll save thousands!
14. You’ll then send us a copy of the executed settlement statement from the closing and your listing status will change to SOLD in the MLS.
15. Then you’ll most likely feel inclined to write us an amazing review on how awesome our service was and tell all of your friends on social media about us!

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