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James Roy & Associates, LLC

The real estate industry has always proven to be a place where if you’re not looking ahead, you’ll get left behind. This brokerage was built upon that premise, which quickly enabled us to become a team of innovative, aggressive, informed professionals who know the difference between what has worked in the past and what will work in the future. We know how to get deals done in today’s market, and we will not rest until you and your needs are satisfied.

Whether you are buying a piece of property, selling a home, investing in the market, renting out properties you own, or anything else in the world of real estate, having a reputable, reliable, and responsible brokerage on your side is of enormous importance for your peace of mind as well as your financial well being. If you have been looking for a company who takes it’s business as seriously as you do yours, then your search can end at James Roy & Associates.

Here are some different solutions we provide our clients:

We have made it our goal to become the one-stop-shop for real estate service needs throughout our market. Our team of agents grows stronger every day, and we are happy to help you take on your next real estate transaction. If you have a questions or need more information about who we are or what we do, contact us today to speak with a real estate professional.

Meet the Broker

james-roy-circleTampa area real estate broker James Roy has always been a game changer, especially when it comes to real estate. Uniquely driven and endlessly passionate, James has created James Roy & Associates to bring a set of unique services to consumers and agents alike. His goal is to help as many people across the state of Florida achieve their real estate dreams like never before.

From an early age, James has embraced any opportunity to serve those around him. Whether you need him to help you move a refrigerator, pick you up from the airport, play on your softball team, or sell your home, James takes great pride in being there for people who need him. As the broker and owner of James Roy & Associates, James is looked to as a leader by the agents and staff who call his brokerage home. It’s a responsibility James does not take lightly, and so he meets the challenge by providing valuable industry training, marketing strategies, technological insights and more to everyone on his team.

A natural people person and experienced professional, James has created a platform that pairs his steadfast vision of service and client-centered values with an innovative and aggressive approach to real estate in the modern market. Every day his network is rapidly expanding throughout Central Florida, helping more agents, homeowners, and investors experience success in real estate that they’ve been searching for.

When you are looking for a real estate company with the kind of forward thinking, creative, effective leadership that’s required to make deals happen in today’s market, James Roy & Associates should be at the top of your list. Contact him or any member of his team to start making your real estate dreams, into real estate reality.